E-liquid sweet, how do you fix it?

Many times we buy a pack of sweet E-liquid Yi. The flavor is quite pleasing, but it's a bit too sweet. What should I do? I bought it expensive, but it's so sweet and greasy. Diabetes is almost eaten, but you have to understand that sweetness is a characteristic of the brand. The manufacturer would not reduce the sweetness to our liking. Well, what do we do?

This article will suggest ways to solve the problem. If the liquid is too sweet, what should I do? How can I fix it? Ad Bang came to suggest a method. Reduce the sweetness of the liquid. Let's all use it and see.

Adjust the wattage to be less.

Box Wattage E-Cigarette

The higher the wattage, the higher the The heating of the call is even greater. The hotter the call, the denser the smoke and the higher the amount of smoke. The sweeter the E-liquid gets. If we don't want the cigarette solution we buy to be very sweet, we can adjust the wattage to be less. Reducing the heat of the call will greatly reduce the sweetness of the e-liquid. This helps a lot. You don't have to push high watts.

Adjust the ohm value to be higher.

Meter, see Ohom value E-Cigarette

What effect does the ohm value have? Because the ohm value is electrical resistance. of positive charges encountering negative charges According to electronic theory When the positive electric charge meets the negative pole through the coil, it causes heat to be generated on the coil. Therefore, if the coil has a high ohm value, It will have resistance to electric charges and cause heat to occur more slowly.

If you notice the fire entering the coil Non-irrigated Coil wire with a high ohm value will red more slowly than coil wire with a low ohm value. Therefore, the heat in the coil wire Relates to the smoke generation of cigarette liquids. and helps to make it smoother when pumping Using coils with high ohm values It will also help reduce the amount of smoke and sweetness of the liquid.

If you want to know the Ohm value We have a website that calculates the ohm value for you.


Uses a single atom coil. Single Coil.

Single Atomic Coil

How Single Coil Atoms Affect the Sweetness of E-liquid

How many types of electronic cigarette atoms are there?

Subject reference

Which is a single atomic call. Only one call can be inserted. Therefore, it is related to the Om value mentioned in the above section. The higher the value, the higher the value. The less heating it is, the better. Red wire slows down, produces less smoke, and helps reduce the sweetness of E-liquid even more.

Use a tall, narrow hole drip tip.

Tall drip tip, narrow hole

What does E-Cigarette drip tip help with? How does it affect the sweetness of e-liquid? Because drip tips are characterized by Phil smoking, if compared to the bottom of a pile of cigarettes, it helps to filter the amount of smoke and the sweetness of the liquid that enters our mouth.

If we use a drip tip It's short and has a wide hole. Our tongue and mouth will be close to the coil. heater with liquid The wider we open our mouths Heating liquid with coil It will splash into our mouth and onto our tongue. It will make the sweetness of the liquid completely linger on your tongue.

If we use a tall drip tip with narrow holes, it will help filter the sweetness of the solution and smoke, the distance from the coil to our tongue, and also help filter down nicotine entering the body. Which drip tip, tall, narrow hole clearly affects the sweetness of the E-liquid.

Used E-liquid Madcow

Freebase E-liquid madcow

Why do you have to choose to use Madcow liquid? It's because our liquid store More special than other shops, the first and only one in Thailand. that can give customers Choose sweetness level of e-cigarette liquid .

Madcow's liquids can choose the sweetness from not at all sweet, slightly sweet, original sweet, to very sweet, which everyone can choose according to their liking. Some people like sweet liquids. Some people don't like the sweetness of cigarette liquids, so the Madcow brand has created this special option. And there is only one in Thailand because our liquids are handmade liquids, mixed ourselves, Hand Crafted.

Choose the sweetness level of Madcow liquid.


How to solve E-liquid sweet content?

In conclusion, if you choose to buy one liquid to smoke, We should know the sweetness level of the liquid we purchase. then get to know yourself Know your own preferences well first. Some brands do not specify the sweetness of the solution. And didn't know that What level of sweetness does the liquid we buy have? The solution is that we can buy from a brand that also has the sweetness value listed on the label. So that we don't buy the medicine in vain.

Madcow Line

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