PG VG substances in e-cigarette liquids

Many Cigarette users are familiar with the PG VG component on the e-liquid label. Many of you probably know that it is the ingredient used to mix the solution. Some of you don't know, so what is it exactly? Why does Bang Yi Pak have different PG VG proportions?

This article will go in-depth and get to know the main compounds in mixing these two PG VG e-cigarette liquids in order to provide knowledge on how to use cigarette liquids correctly and safely, including various effects. in smoking electronic cigarettes and choose e-cigarette liquid that is suitable for us

PG VG substances in e-cigarette liquids

PG VG madcow

PG VG is part of the ingredient compound in E-liquid It is a colorless, odorless liquid and is the main ingredient in e-liquid blending and does not cause any harm to the body because it is classified as a sugar alcohol used in the food industry in large quantities, including PG VG is not oil and does not cause any medical diseases. Therefore, you can be sure that it is absolutely safe for the body.

in the components of That e-cigarette liquid It is divided into 6 parts as follows.

  • food flavoring concentrate (Flavourings) are the main ingredients. that causes the smell of cigarette liquid Most of the time, the food flavoring base will have no taste or will have an astringent taste, which we must
  • Sweetener (Sweetener) is an ingredient. that creates a sweetness to the taste of the cigarette liquid The more this ingredient has, The sweeter it is, the better the taste will be.
  • Nicotine is a substance extracted from tobacco. that makes the body feel intoxicated and makes you feel alert Has a stimulating effect on the nerves It is classified as a type of addictive substance.
  • Cooling agent (Cooling) is a substance that gives coolness to the liquid. Makes smokers feel refreshed Often used in various fruit e-cigarette liquids. Popular nowadays
  • PG (Propylene glycol) is a solvent with various components in e-cigarette liquids.
  • VG (Vegetable glycerine) is a natural chemical derived from plants. There is just a little sweetness. and is the smoke generator of e-cigarette liquid

When all the components come together Therefore, it is an electronic cigarette liquid that has all the components. Can be used Now let's take a look at what PG and VG are and go deeper into the next topic.

What is PG?

PG substance

PG stands for propylene glycol (propylene glycol), used as a solvent. Raw materials and various chemicals in medicine, cosmetics, perfumes, and food are clear, colorless water but have a slight chemical smell. It depends on the quality of each production factory. and has no viscosity, has a neutral pH value, can dissolve in water and alcohol.

In addition to mixing it with e-cigarette liquid that we can use for smoking. propylene glycol It can also be used as a solvent for perfumes, cosmetics and used in making food such as bakeries and cakes that are mixed with food flavoring essences. And in addition to that, it can also be used as a solvent in industry. Mouthwash Toothpaste, lipstick, skin cream, and various shampoos and hair conditioners as well.

How does PG affect e-cigarette liquids?

In the e-cigarette liquid Most food flavorings are diluted. It is already dissolved with PG substances, which are specified in trade as Base PG, which means Food flavoring is diluted with PG, but in mixing, a little more PG must be added. To dissolve with other ingredients in e-cigarette liquid. to be compatible at the molecular level

PG substances have an effect when smoking in terms of Throat hits and throat hits because the factory that produces PG substances extracts the substances and has pure water in the substances. Which affects the throat, itchy throat, which does not come from nicotine alone. While many people understand that

PG/VG ratioStab the necksmellsmoke
50:50a littleIt's good.It's good.
30:70Don't stab me in the neck.littledense

E-liquids contain a lot of PG, so they are not suitable for DL (Direct Lungs) smoking, which causes severe throat burning. It is definitely not good for our throat, but it is more suitable for MTL or Pod E-liquid e-cigarette pots with a PG VG ratio of 50:50.

What is VG?

VG substance

VG , short for Vegetable Glycerin, is a natural chemical derived from vegetables. It has a natural viscosity, colorless and odorless. and has just a little sweetness Can be used in place of sugar in some food industries, such as cakes and baked goods, to increase moisture and fluffiness. and also applied to Beauty industry such as mousse, soap bubbles, deodorant lotion, face cream, and various body paints as well. So you can be sure that it's definitely safe.

What effect does VG have on e-cigarette liquids?

VG is the main component in e-liquid, causing smoke when exposed to the heat of the wire coil in contact with E-liquid VG has a viscosity of the substance, so the free-base e-liquid usually has a viscosity of the liquid. The more steam fumes from the pump, the denser the better. Throat hit comes from PG and nicotine and also makes the smell dimension of the solution clearer.

VG/PG ratioStab the necksmellsmoke
70:30Don't stab me in the neck.littledense
50:50a littleIt's good.It's good.
30:70Stab the neckgoodlittle

In most cases, Freebase E-liquid contain quite a lot of VG because it requires a dense amount of smoke from using sub-ohm or low E-Cigarette coils, so it is more suitable for DL (Direct Lungs) pumps with a PG VG ratio of 70:30.

Summary of content: What is PG VG in e-cigarette liquid?

In summary, of the ingredients in e-cigarette liquids, PG VG is the main ingredient in the mixture. Because everything is a part of helping to mix cigarette liquid. To come out perfectly Adjusting the pg vg ratio results in odor and smoke according to the manufacturer. or drug designer

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As for safety, Adban can guarantee that the ingredients in the e-liquid are 100% safe, no worries about health problems from using E-Cigarette The only thing that negatively affects the body is nicotine.

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