Freebase E-liquid-vs-Pod E-liquid

For those who play with e-cigarettes in the early days, you may wonder what e-liquids called Freebase E-liquid and Pod E-liquid are solnic liquids?

This article explains Freebase E-liquid and Pod E-liquid Saltnic E-liquid, what they are, why they call each other that way, and each of them. In what ways do you use it on our vaping machines? How it works This content has the answer for you.

What is freebase solution?

Freebase E-liquid

Originally, Freebase E-liquid was commonly used in drop-smoking form. The smoke boom emphasizes thick smoke. Smoke like a steam machine. They're playing with smoke. Mocol Omh low strong fire, mainly played with mod that strong current, silver pole conducts electricity well. A lot of people have seen it. Well, that's because of the free-based. It has a high VG value, so it makes a lot of smoke. This type of solution contains the purest nicotine as an ingredient in the solution, making it the most commonly used in e-liquids.

What is nicotine freebase made from?

Freebase Nicotine is a substance extracted from tobacco leaves. Using the freebasing process, it is a lump of salt (Salt) and uses alkaline ammonia. remove protons from salt and increases the pH level and converts it to Freebase which is the purest nicotine. Then dissolve it with PG at a ratio of 1000mg/ml.

Pure Nicotine

The nicotine substance can be absorbed into the bloodstream. and has an effect on the human nervous system Concentrated nicotine or Pure Nicotine can be like poison if taken in excessive amounts. It can even lead to death. Therefore, nicotine freebase that is mixed in e-cigarette liquid. Therefore, it is diluted with PG substance first at a ratio of 1000mg/ml or, simply put, take 1000mg of pure nicotine and dilute it with 1 liter of PG substance.

So it comes out as nicotine with a volume of 1000mg/ml that is mixed in the e-cigarette liquid. May be separated into 3, 6, 9, 12 nicks that are sold separately.

How much nicotine is used in e-cigarette liquid?

The amount of nicotine listed on the label in various liquid bottles usually says Nick 3, Nick 6, Nick 9, Nick 12. That means It's the percentage in a 100 ml bottle. For example, Cowboy Nick 12 liquid from Ad Shop, haha.

Nico 12 liquid is mixing free base liquid at a ratio of 1000mg/ml, calculated as 12%, which is 12mg or equal to 12ml. This means that in a 100ml bottle, 12ml of nicotine is mixed. But if it is a 30ml bottle, it will be 3.6ml. Let's think about it in time, shall we? Don't be confused.

What type of freebase liquid is suitable for smoking?

As mentioned above Freebase solution tends to contain a lot of VG, causing very thick smoke. Suitable for DTL (Direct to lung) vaping, drip vaping, or coil mo with a low ohm value of 0.1-0.3, etc., where freebase nicotine is less absorbed into the body. Therefore, it can smoke a large amount of smoke. without feeling very full or eunic

What is pot liquid?

Pod E-liquid

Pod E-liquid or Salt Nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves as well by using the freebasing process and then in the form of a lump of salt, but the difference with Freebase Nicotine is that Solnik does not use amnonia alkaline to remove salt protons, but will remain in the form of salt. Nicotine Free Base

What is nicotine sol made from?

Nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves. The tobacco leaves in a cigarette are like freebase nicotine. This is because nicotine is a base nitrogen. Reacts with benzoic acid and comes out in the form of salt lumps. that can be diluted with water which is dissolved with PG at a ratio of 250mg/ml

What is nicotine sol made from?

How much nicotine is used in e-cigarette liquids?

By calculation, that is quite a bit different than mixing freebase nicotine. Because nicotine saliva has a higher concentration than freebase nicotine and the specified amount is somewhat higher, such as 30mg nicotine salsa, this does not mean that Mix only 30mg of nicotine solution.

Solnic calculation

But when mixed in a 100ml bottle of cigarette liquid, when used according to the formula, the amount will be 12g or 12ml. If it is in a 30ml bottle of liquid, the amount of nicotine solution will be 3.7g or 3.7ml. Many people use the wrong formula and use 30mg. (Milligram) = 0.3g(gram) which is very little. I sucked it and felt nothing. But he claims that Nick is strong. Many people look at the numbers and think Nick is high. But let's look at the unit as well.

Pod E-liquid What type of smoke is it suitable for?

Saltnic E-liquid or called waterproof Yapot Most of them have a mixture ratio of 50/50 (vg50% pg50%), which is a proportion of smoke that is less than the free-base solution, which is popular with MTL (Mouth to Lung). This is suitable for use with potted cigarettes. Pod system with relatively high humh value of 0.6- 1.2 ohm or more and adjust the power to use relatively lightly. MTL smoke is less and nicotine enters the body less as well. Relatively safe

What's the difference between Freebase E-liquid and Pod E-liquid?

What is the difference between freebase and yasol?

Pod E-liquid

  • There is a small amount of smoke. Because most of the mixing ratio is 50/50, there is little smoke maker like VG.
  • The cylinder head is soft and doesn't hit your throat because it's mixed with Bennozoic acid.
  • Solnic solutions are more than double the price.
  • Solnic solution has a low PH value, making it absorbed quickly into the body.
  • Solnic solutions are more stable. Can be stored for a long time
  • The amount of pumping is less. Because I'm full faster.

Freebase E-liquid

  • There is a thick amount of smoke. Most mix the ratio at 70/30, causing there to be a lot of smoke makers like VG mixed in, causing thick smoke. and makes the smell clearer
  • Phil smokes hard, feeling like he's smoking a cigarette. There will be a lot of shock in the throat. If you choose a high nicotine dosage
  • The price is not very expensive.
  • Freebase solution has a high PH value, making it absorb into the body more slowly.
  • Freebase solutions are less stable. The storage time is less.
  • The amount of pumping is more than Because the body absorbs free base less than solnic acid.

Summary of content

In conclusion, whether free-base or Pod E-liquid liquid has different purpose of use. It depends on the smoker, what kind of preference they have, what kind of taste, what kind of fil they like. If you like to smoke sipily and quickly to save time on smoking, then you should use a type of liquid Solnik uses it with the Pod. The smell is clear. Flood smoke Smoke spraying is also used with a free-base type used with True wattage adjustment box or mod.

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