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Hello, in this article Adbang Madcow will teach you how to mix e-cigarette liquid. Basic model until Professional level Let your friends know. which is very important This basic matter Before going to teach at a difficult level up to professional level So this is quite impossible. If the basics are not strong enough, because they will teach the basics to be firm. Time to mix difficult levels Then it won't be difficult. If basic We are strong enough in mixing e-cigarette liquids, everyone.

The shop doesn't sell it. Any equipment for mixing cigarette liquids. This content is intended Sharing knowledge and experiences from the owner of Madcow only.

How to mix basic e-cigarette liquid

Equipment for mixing e-cigarette liquids

Important equipment and ingredients

First of all, we have to look at the various equipment and ingredients. What is there? We divided it into 8 things as follows.

  • digital scale I don't know how other places mix it together. But the course covers Ban using a digital scale Because it has high resolution and accuracy. It is used to mix electronic cigarette liquids from ADVANCE to GOD.
  • VEGETABLE GLYCERIN , or VG for short, is a substance that creates smoke in cigarette liquids. The more you put in, the thicker the smoke. It is recommended to use Food Grade because it will not have a chemical smell. Even though we practice mixing Save costs Bang recommends using Food Grade. It is not recommended to use Chinese VG. The chemical smell is very strong. Even though the price is very different haha.
  • PROPYLENE GLYCOL , or PG for short, is a solvent in e-cigarette liquid. The more you add, the faster the liquid will be and the better the smell will be. Bang recommends using Food Grade because it has a very slight chemical smell. And the price is expensive too haha, Chinese PG is not recommended.
  • FOOD FLAVOR , that is food flavored flavoring in e-cigarette liquid (Base PG). There are many food flavorings, including Great Mega, Thai, Chinese, but the ones that are recommended are European brands.
  • NICOTINE is an extract from tobacco leaves. Originally it was available in PURE NICOTINE, but we used the version that was diluted with PG (Base PG) at a ratio of 100mg/ml. It is recommended to use USA nicotine because it is quite strong and makes you feel dizzy more quickly. Malay Nick or Thai Nick
  • SWEETENER (Base PG) or sweetener in e-cigarette liquid There are many different types of sweeteners. But it is recommended to use it as a liquid. The type that is sucralose (Sucralose) is the sweetener that is most similar to sugar.
  • COOLING (Base PG) or cooling agent It is divided into liquid type and flake type. This is up to you to choose. But I recommend it in a mental way.
  • Empty bottles: Squeeze-drop or drop-drop bottles, depending on the size, are bottles used for mixing e-cigarette liquids.

Open the archive of PG VG substances that Madcow stores use.

PG VG substance

Dangers in mixing e-cigarette liquids

E-cigarette liquid mixing ratio

You can see how many ingredients are in one bottle of the solution. For beginners, it is recommended to mix in a ratio of PG50 / VG50. Use only one scent, no need to mix many scents. Use only one scent. Each bottle will contain nicotine, food flavoring, PG VG, sweeteners. 1 bottle of refrigerant is 100% in the ratio of 10 ml (mix only 10 ml for the Tester) for easy calculation.

We will divide the proportion of e-cigarette liquid first. We will add 30% flavor, Sweet 3%, Cooling 5% in the ratio PG50/VG50 (not fixed, it depends on your preference). Calculate the ingredients according to this website.


Website for calculating drug mixing formulas
Recipe for mixing e-cigarette liquid
  • Batch is the quantity we need to mix the solution. Enter the amount you want to mix, cover with 10ml (mix in 10ml)
  • Nicotine Strength in lets us select Weight (mg/ml) to display the results in milliliter and gram units. But if you select Volume , the results will be displayed in percentage units.
  • Flavoring is the box for ingredients that we need to put in. Mix e-cigarette liquid Enter the name of the scent to be mixed. followed by percentage If your mixture has a VG base, uncheck it. It will subtract from the VG/PG ratio. If it's not a VG base, don't uncheck it.
  • Nicitine Base liquid gives us a look at the nicotine concentration we are using. If it's normal free base nicotine, it's usually 100mg/ml. Enter 100 in the Nicotine Strength VG/PG Ratio field, then enter 100% PG because nicotine is already mixed with PG.
  • Target is the field that calculates the amount of nicotine we use, subtracting from the VG/PG Ratio. Let us enter the amount of nicotine we will mix in – the VG/PG Ratio field is the ratio of the PG/VG substances we use in the mix.
  • Recipe is the field that the system has already calculated the value for. We mix e-cigarette liquid As the system can tell.

After getting the recipe, we will get the ratio of milliliters and grams if we use a suction needle. We look at the value in units of milliliters, but if we use a digital scale then We look at the value in grams.

But in this article We will mainly use a digital scale. Because we need precision in Mix e-cigarette liquid. After getting the recipe, we add it as follows. Starting with how many grams of Nicotine you drip, add as prescribed. Look at the value on the digital scale. Try to drop the weight as accurately as possible. Don't be misled. (It's a skill practice in itself) Get the exact weight and press Tray on the scale and add the next ingredients, scent head > sweet substance > cool substance > PG > VG in order (have a little concentration, don't make the mistake) after mixing everything in the bottle. finished Close the lid and shake the bottle. Shake to create foam. Leave it for one night and it's done.

Now when mixed together Bang will give homework. If you want to go to a good level, then Bang for starters, let's buy every scent. Buy small bottles for the whole store, every scent, then mix and absorb every scent. Change the scent every day, a quantity of 50 scents is enough (personally I've tried hundreds) so we can catch the scent. We will know the smell. We will estimate correctly. We can design and imagine great solutions. “Great potions come from hard training.” Don't forget that. For beginners Mix one head first and practice capturing the scent tone first. Then I will go to the next level of training.

How to mix e-cigarette liquid easily

How to mix e-cigarette liquid easily

In the previous section, Bang explained how to mix e-cigarette liquid. The basics are simple and basic, and in this topic we raise the level of difficulty even more. It's a difficult level. When we have mastered mixing the basic liquids Let's level up better than everyone. We started by trying out the e-cigarette scents from the various brands we bought. Now we will try mixing them together to create a new scent to our liking.

Mixing e-cigarette liquids

Mixing e-cigarette liquids

When we practice mixing the solution in the first section until we have mastered it. We will be able to capture the tone, flavor, and intensity of the scent. (Relying on memory and experience) When we mix scents that are the same tone, we will get the same scent that is different. This is called "fragrance".

For example, Bang wants to flavor Vanilla, but Bang wants Vanilla to be different. I want it to be smooth. Bang will use scents that are the same tone to decorate, such as Vanilla ice cream / Vanilla Swirl / Creammy / Bavalian, etc. These scents will all be the same tone. When mixed together, we will get our version of Vanilla. Yay!

How you decorate it is up to the mixer. But if you mix different tones Our cigarette liquid will have a layer or dimension to the liquid (details and techniques will be detailed in the next lesson). For example, Vanilla mixed with Coconut scent, we will get a vanilla scent that has dimensions mixed with coconut. But the vanilla scent will be distorted. Some scents are concentrated. (We consider this by smelling) When mixing or decorating, a small % amount must be used.

This lesson will teach you how to add scents until you are proficient first. Decorate the main scent to make it pleasing to us first. Bang gives an example of how to make one scent as an example, just one formula.

Example of a difficult e-cigarette liquid mixing formula

Recipe for mixing e-cigarette liquid

Example Concept: Mango Smootie (gentle mango scent)

  • Sweet Mango 7.5% (Bang uses this scent as the main base)
  • Philipine Mango 4% (try mixing Philippine mangos)
  • Mango Cap 2% (Nam Dok Mai mango decorated a little more)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream 2% (vanilla ice cream makes it smooth)
  • Sweetainer 2.4% (sweet 2.4 is just right, not too much, not too little)
  • Cooling 0.6% (a little cool, not too cool)

It can be seen that this formula uses the same scent tone. Bang will use the mango family to mix and make Bang's mango come out the way Bang wants. Anything you want to pull out, anything you want to add, pull out the proportions. It depends on personal preference.

Okay, now that you've mixed the scent, Now it's up to you to mix, cook or decorate. But at this stage, it is recommended to practice mixing liquids that are of a single tone. One dimensional for now. Don't just play with multiple dimensions. The next step will be difficult. Because we've started playing with dimensions. That's the point where it gets mixed up and thrown away. If you believe it, you won't waste much of your budget. Bring only experience to teach. When mixing it up, tens of thousands were spent to research one scent. Mix one tone well first. Slowly going to the multi-dimensional level is okay. Continue reading in the next section.

How to mix e-cigarette liquid like a professional

Mix e-cigarette liquid like a professional

And in this topic, we will raise the level of difficulty in mixing e-cigarette liquids. Together from the top It's a difficult combination. Now it's getting even more difficult. Prepare your mind. And prepare to be confused. And this time it will step up to another level. It's professional level. If it reaches this level, then it can be mixed and sold. In this article, we will talk about dimensional, hierarchical blends, and blends that are different tones of scent. and different times

Mixing e-cigarette liquid in layers

Mix e-cigarette liquid in layers

I will explain it for easy understanding. The main scent that has been scented in the same tone is counted as 1 layer. Each layer mixed together is counted as 1 tester.

In 1 layer, there will be various scents mixed together. that are of the same tone type That we have mixed through testing, scenting, and mixing, it is counted as 1 layer. You can mix as many scents as you want. It depends on your preference. You won't be able to add any more at all. If you think the smell is already good, it's up to you. Or you can mix and match 10 of them, it's up to you. There are no fixed rules. (The picture is just an example) When we have the scent head decorated as Layer 1, then we will mix it with other layers that have different tones and different periods of time.

Mixing e-cigarette liquids, different tones, different times

Mix e-cigarette liquid different time periods

For the first 1-5 days, we use the main layer in the mix first. Mix the PG base family first, such as PG and Nicotine, pour together, close the lid, shake the bottle to create bubbles, then leave it for 5 days (the number of days is not fixed depending on the mixer). Two days is all you need, but I choose 5 days.)

Okay, after 5 days, let's mix the 2nd layer and pour it in. (No need to shake) In the 2nd layer, it must be a different tone scent from layer 1, everyone. If the scent isn't different in tone, Mix it up and it will blend together and you won't be able to find any different scents. Well, mix it up and pour it all together.

After 10 days, let's decorate the scent. Pick up layer 3 that we mixed together.

Pour it all together, add Sweet and VG and stir until combined. Shake the bottle to create bubbles. Leave it for another day for the bubbles to disappear. There is no limit to 3 layers, you can have as many layers as you want. Ten layers are fine, but nothing is fixed.

Now we will have a tester for the scent that we have researched. Yay! It's very easy, right? It's over, but we're not finished yet. To be continued.

Made several tests 01 - 10, each one adjusted to a different layer ratio. Write down how many testers, what ratio. Adjust until you find the right one. If mixing from the beginning doesn't work, throw it away and go back and research again. Try decorating it again or mix in layers of other scents instead. Nothing is fixed. It depends on the mixer and the experiment.

If you find one that has been adjusted, yes. Take it apart and leave it for another 15 days to measure the results. It is the one that has been sifted for 30 days or more. Some of the scents Until it shows the intensity of its utmost fragrance. It may take months. Then it will mask other smells, including the smell. Some of them took almost two months. Sometimes you mix it up and test it and wow, after 15 days you test it again and it's so bad you have to throw it away. So.. mix it up and test it and smoke it, still can't measure the results. You have to wait at least 30 days for Steve to know about it.

Read more: Steve, what is electronic cigarette liquid? Learn all about it here.

After mixing, you need to stir the solution again. This completes the mixing process.

Finished for mixing pro-level liquids. It is a level that is mixed and sold together. Many mixers throw away large amounts of testers in order to get the most perfect scent, and this is handcraft work that has value and has a unique charm. charming There is difficulty in developing research. What the mixer wants to convey is the charm of Thai liquids.

Mixing liquids to produce e-cigarette liquids

The shop designs e-cigarette e-liquid scents, mixes e-cigarette e-liquids, and produces e-cigarette e-liquids. to use to brand your own brand If interested, contact via Line to discuss the basics first.
You can see the details at the link below.

This content is a secret of the shop. Please contact via Line by adding friends to the shop's official Line in order to contact Ad Bang to discuss basic details and receive a code to access the link.


In the conclusion of this final, we have read that we should be able to mix e-liquids together. This article is written to share knowledge and experience. In making e-liquid for more than 4 years, it has no stake with other e-liquid manufacturers. The purpose of this content is to raise the level of Thai E-liquid to the international level, I want Thai e-liquid mixers to be famous all over the world, believing that Thai people are definitely not beaten by any nation in the world. One day, Cigarette electricity in our house was legal. Thailand's e-liquids will definitely spread to the lungs of the world. It is encouraging for everyone who is trying to practice mixing potions. Some people mix it to smoke themselves to save costs, some mix it for sale, but train to be as good as Adban or better at all.

Don't forget to come and buy e-cigarette liquid, Thai brand, Madcow Eliquid brand, to see what the professional liquid is like.

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