How to install electronic cigarette wire and clean properly

Smoking E-Cigarette When we use it for a long time, there will be deterioration of Electronic cigarette wire and E-Cigarette cotton wool With the passage of time of use, the more often it wears off. This article is a method that helps preserve the wire to extend its service life and maintain proper cleanliness. It saves money by eliminating the need to change wire frequently.

Now let's see. What methods are there? To take care of our coils and e-cigarettes, installing wires and cleaning coils correctly and correctly will be divided into 5 methods as follows.

1. Installation of electronic cigarette wire The model has never been used.

Install electronic cigarette wire

Install the electronic cigarette wire ready. Check the atomizer and various connection points to make sure they are tight. Tighten the fastening nuts. Burns the coil with the lowest possible heat, no matter how much wattage is required. (Look at the color of the wire while burning so it's not too red.) This will preserve the quality of the wire, making it smell clear and durable.

While burning wire, new installations The wire will be unevenly red. Also known as Hot spot, it will be red hot in spots. And that point will be very hot. Slowly burn the wire. By slowly turning on the light and using a screwdriver or a heat-resistant steel bar. Spread the wire evenly. Make the wire red evenly throughout the coil. Spread the wire until the heat only comes from the red wire in the middle. Finished.

2. Installing cotton wool E-Cigarette

Install cotton wool E-Cigarette

Installing the cotton swab You should wear it just right, not too tight or too thin. Be careful not to let the coil move back and forth because it can cause the wire to get stuck in a hot spot that we can't see. Because after putting in the cotton The heat will burn the cotton. Makes the red heat invisible That is, some areas of the hot wire don't make the entire coil. It causes a disturbing or burning smell. Therefore, we should tighten the nuts and put in enough loose cotton wool. Do not insert cotton until the coil is too tight. Wearing it too loose is not good. This causes the liquid to burn unevenly. and can cause a burning sensation in the throat while smoking

After finishing inserting cotton Beat the cotton ball until it is fluffy on both sides. cut evenly Fit it snugly into the cotton slit of that atom. Then use tweezers to hold the cotton swab and insert it into the atomic groove, and you're done.

3. Long-lasting use of electronic cigarette wires

Use electronic cigarette wires to last a long time.

Regarding the durability of using electronic cigarette wires That is consistent with smoking behavior. I believe that many of you definitely like to smoke and drag for a long time, full of lungs. But you should consider the liquid that nourishes the coil. It should be moistened at all times if pumping until the solution dries up. This will cause the wire to become very hot. This causes the cotton to break down the middle and causes the substances in the solution to form a sticky stain that cannot be washed away.

Smoked E-liquid This should be taken into consideration because the thickness and grade of the compound vary in the reagent. Choose a good quality reagent, use quality reagent compounds and not too thickened. For cheap reagents or no factory counting, I would say that the wire will be very black.

Cotton balls used for smoking It should be cotton that is used only in this way. For example, Kendo, sugar cotton, Boss davice, or whatever is used specifically in this way. These cotton pads are heat resistant, strong fibers and allow the liquid to burn quickly. It helps a lot with the smoke smell.

4. Taking care of the electronic cigarette wire after use

Take care of electronic cigarette wires

After using the electronic cigarette wire Completed day by day Use tissue paper to cover the cotton pad after use. The paper towel will help absorb the old solution. and to preserve the wire This is because we leave the solution overnight. sweetness of the liquid It will cause scale to stick to the wire. Make the fuel pump the next time the liquid is dripped. Not as good as before

Dry burn technique or dry burning while having a wire and cotton. It's easy to do, just press the website quickly so that the wire doesn't get red. Just enough to make a sound of boiling liquid, it doesn't have to cause smoke and a burning smell. This technique is for stimulating the coil to be ready for use or for storing hot sports that we cannot see. It will make the fuel pump better the next time you use it.

5. Cleaning electronic cigarette wire

Clean electronic cigarette wires
  • Drop of water followed by burn Electric cigarette wire to heat To soften the tough stains.
  • Remove the cotton from electronic cigarette wire Soak it in water for about 10 minutes (the atoms and coils are cool) to allow some of the tack to fall off.
  • Wipe the atomizer and wire dry and install it on the machine. Burn with low heat, no limit on how many watts. But notice that the color of the wire is not very red. Yellow and orange are enough.
  • After burning the wire dry Bring a steel wool wire cleaning brush. Brush it and remove all the scale.
  • After cleaning Tighten the nuts holding the coil tightly. Check the connection points to see if they are close together or not. Is there anything abnormal? Then burn the hotspots until the red wires are even. and red in the middle of the coil Insert a cotton swab and drip the tobacco juice and it is considered finished.

Summary of content

How is it? Now we can preserve the coil and extend its lifespan for several days. Save your budget Worth it with a simple technique Friends, please try using it, everyone.

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